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Rotator cuff tear

Rotator cuff muscle comprises four muscle surrounding the joint, provides stability to the shoulder joint by keeping the humerus bone inside the shoulder socket. It mobilizes the joint according to the functional requirement.
Rotator cuff pain injury can be caused by repeated movement, overuse, heavy lifting, contact sports, volleyball /basketball/weightlifting in old-age group. Rotator cuff muscles show degenerative changes and gives pain and discomfort
Rotator cuff injury can range from mild to severe and fall in following categories, may be acute or chronic tendinitis, rotator cuff tear which may be partial or full-thickness.
Patient presents with pain over the shoulder joint radiating to the upper arm, unable to sleep on the affected side, painful arc, difficulty in overhead activities.
Rotator cuff injury can be identified with x-ray, ultrasound, and MRI scan.
The treatment of the rotator cuff is conservative, with pain management, physiotherapy plus/minus injection (steroid PRP Regenerative cells)
Rotator cuff tear can be treated arthroscopically with repair which is a simple procedure with a good outcome.

Rotator Cuff Tear