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Meniscus transplant

Meniscus is C-shaped cartilage structure between the  femur and tibia  bone in the  knee joint it act like a cushion between the bone and provide stability

Meniscal tear is a frequent injury during sports activity

Meniscal tear can be treated

  • Non operatively with pain management ice knee support and rehabilitation
  • Meniscectomy removing the torn meniscus
  • Meniscal repair
  • Meniscal transplantation


Meniscal transplant is indicated in young middle-aged between 40 to 50-years  with minimal arthritic changes in the joint

Procedure is done arthroscopically meniscus is obtained from donor the healthy meniscus is preoperatively customized to fit the patient knee

Patient require x-ray CT scan and MRI scan before requesting for meniscus  allograft

Damaged meniscus is removed and allograft meniscus is implanted arthroscopically

Postoperatively patient require knee brace and partial weightbearing for 2 to 3 weeks  require supervised postop rehabilitation exercise patient can resume daily activity 3-4 weeks return  contact sports in 3-5 months’ time

Complication are infection incomplete healing transplant dysfunction and stiffness in the knee

Meniscal transplant can help younger athletes and patient return back to activities prevent osteoarthritic changes