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Abdul Jabbar Abdul Jabbar

I had my knee suffering from osteoarthritis, I consulted Dr. Mohammad Ashfaq Konchwalla in 2018. Dr. Konchwalla conducted orthoscopy and and did stem cell therapy. I was perfectly fine after the orthoscopy but I knew I had to got for TKR (Total Knee Replacement) in few years, as advised by Dr. Konchwalla. In Oct to Dec 2022, my knee started troubling me more and I went to consult Dr. Konchwalla. As per his advice, I went for the TKR on 6th Dec 2022. I started to walk with crutches on the 3rd day of my surgery. Did stretch on CMP machine on day 3 and started showing great improvement (reaching to 120 degree knee bend) in spite of stiches on my knee. I started physiotherapy from the 10th day and walked without crutches on day 15. Removed stiches stiches at the end of week 3. As of today, after 7 weeks I have completed 11 sessions of Physiotherapy and about 5 sessions swimming pool exercises. I can walk 5 to 6 kilometers without any pain. I do all my exercises at advised by my physio and Dr. Konchwalla. I have no pain but little bit of stiffness in my knee around the incision area. Swelling was a major issue but it has subsided now as I increased mobility. I am very happy to take this decision. I can easily feel an improvement in my quality of life and confidence in my leg. Thank you Dr. Mohammad Ashfaq Konchwalla for the wonderful surgery and excellent post operative care and follow up. Also, thanks to the wondaful staff of Saudi German Hospital. They were all excellent professionals.

Noora Al Suwaidi Noora Al Suwaidi

I'm a Plastic surgeon who was diagnosed with avascular necrosis of left hip grade 2 , unfortunately previously have been managed with different surgeons from different hospital and the answer always that my surgery will not be easy and most probably will lead to hip replacement and maybe I won't be able to walk again ,and they were asking me to change my carrier to something that doesn't require to use my legs for long . I was depressed for long to think that I won't be able to take care of my family especially my kids and I wont be able to carry on with my speciality.. till I came to know dr ashfaq my miracle surgeon ( he deserved more than that) . He didn't give me a hope only but ended all my suffering.. now more than 7 years since I did the surgery .. and by grace of Allah then him I'm now normal not only I can walk but also I can run ..I recommend this miracle surgeon to any person who wants to be correctly managed

Sajeer Hashim sajeer hashim

I'm a Plastic surgeon who was diagnosed with avascular necrosis of left hip grade 2 , unfortunately previously have been managed with different surgeons from different hospital and the answer always that my surgery will not be easy and most probably will lead to hip replacement and maybe I won't be able to walk again ,and they were asking me to change my carrier to something that doesn't require to use my legs for long . I had visited Dr.Ashfaq as advised by my friend Imran bcs I was struggling with knee pain from long time. After my first visit he diagnosed my real issue still it was not mentioned in my old scanning report(Meniscal tear and chondral damage and tibial tuberosity ossicle). Dr. Advised to do a X-ray n scanning the result same as Dr mentioned. I decided to go for surgery and 21st of December it was done. Alhamdulillah now am recovering and everything went great. I really appreciate Dr. Ashfaq n entire team and strongly suggesting that anyone struggling with joint issues just visit Dr. Ashfaq n you will get the remarkable result.

Naresh Bhatia Naresh Bhatia

One of the best in the business. I had multiple ligament injuries (ACL, LCL and meniscus tears) and Dr. Ashfaq has done my surgery with great efficiency. Now i am recovering well and walking without any hesitation and pain.

Abdul Raheem Khalid Abdul Raheem Khalid

Dr Ashfaq is a very kind and diligent gentleman. I have only had very positive experiences with the doctor who performed my acl, meniscus and bicep tendon surgeries. He is extremely competent and always available whenever you need him. In fact, I flew from London to dubai in order for him to perform my surgery because of my trust in him. I would highly recommend anyone consult him for the most efficient rehabilitation process and trust his advise. Usman Naqvi I have visited Dr Ashfaq for my mother.she is 63 and was in alot of pain in knee, we had gone for knee replacement She is walking fine Alhumdulilah

Rajeev Sadana Rajeev Sadana

My son suffered a fracture in his right arm just below the wrist while playing football at his school. The on-duty doctor in the emrgency room gave him some first-aid and did an x-ray. He diagnosed it as a Smith fracture and suggested a surgery involving K-wire. We kind of panicked, but since my son is only 11 year old, I decided to take a second opinion and my friend suggested about Dr. Konchwalla. Dr. Konchwalla very calmly analyzed the whole situation and assured us that no surgery is required. He put a plaster with splint and checked my son's arm every two weeks. Finally, after 6 weeks he was satisfied with the x-ray and confirmed that the healing is perfect. My son has now resumed his cricket and other activities normally. We are grateful to Dr. Konchwalla for his expert consultation and guidance.

Muhammad Sakrani Muhammad Sakrani

I visited Dr. Ashfaq for a second opinion for my shoulder surgery and within first few minutes of discussion about my shoulder condition, I got a feeling that he can do the job. Dr. Ashfaq patiently answered all my questions, explained the end-to-end process upfront and was very supportive throughout the surgery and ensure the post-surgery follow up to track the progress. It has been almost a month I had a surgery performed by Dr. Ashfaq and I am very pleased of the outcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Ashfaq for any Orthopedic related matters.

Shanid Rehman Shanid Rehman

Expert arthroscopic surgeon for knee repairs also fantastic experience in problem diagnosis...I had sports injury on both knee and he fix it through surgery. what I feel best with Dr. Ashfaq...he makes your problems so easy and simple with his cool professional attitude

Amit Kumar Amit Kumar

I had undergone ACL revision surgery with Dr Ashfaq. My experience has been excellent. His knowledge and skills are commendable. Initial 4-6 weeks are challenging but if you follow his advise and medication, you will have minimum discomfort during that period. I will definitely recommend him for ACL surgery.

Sherry Minhas Sherry Minhas

Tore my meniscus in my knee whilst playing football one day. Found doctors got MRIs done but no one seemed as experienced as Dr.Ashfaq Konchwala. He gave me the satisfaction i needed to go ahead with the procedure which went better than i expected. Due his capabilities i was back on my feet within 4-6 weeks of my surgery. He was really helpful and i would definitely recommend him regarding sports injuries.

Dilip Karani Dilip Karani

Dr. Ashfaq Konchwalla is very talented and has excellent pedigree, and from day one we always felt that we are in good hands. After visiting various specialiasts in different hospitals in Dubai, he was recommended by one of my friends. We were very impressed with the way he handled the case starting from the first visit to the Whole process of the surgery and then post surgery care and follow ups. He was very confident throughout the recovery process and was always available to answer any concerns we had. We will always be grateful to him on how he handled such a case

Felicity Wan Felicity Wan

When I first came to know that I needed surgery for ACL and meniscuses, I was really nervous and worried. I knew I had to obtain different doctors’ opinion. I visited Dr. Konchwalla, which was recommended by a friend who used to see him. He examined my knee and identified the problem without seeing my X-ray and MRI reports. However, instead of saying just ‘you need surgery’ like the other doctors, Dr Konchwalla explained to me why I should get the surgery and what issues I would face if I did not do it. He reassured me with confidence that all will be well and patiently answered all the questions I had before the surgery. This made me feel a lot calmer as I know I am in safe hands. The surgery went very well and I had weekly follow up sessions with Dr. Konchwalla. It has been 7 weeks now since my surgery and my recovery progress is doing well. Thank you Dr. Konchwalla and your team for giving me the opportunity to play my favourite sports again after full recovery!

Oscar Javier Bagui Cortés Oscar Javier Bagui Cortés

A painful story with a happy end. I was in pain for more than a week. Visited some specialist, admitted at hospital for couple of days (no food at all) with diagnose of appendix abnormality treated with antibiotics (a surgery was part of the discussions with doctores). After being released (still on pain), I wonder, what if it has something to do with the muscles after playing at gym as I use to. I found Dr. Ashfaq with such a great qualifications and studies so I didn’t think twice to book an appointment with him. Once we meet and explain the issue, he toke almost 40-60 seconds to find the problem out which was later confirmed by the X-RAY, I have a rib fracture. Treatment released me from pain the same day I started it. Glad to have access to such great and experienced professional.